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About ECO


We manufacture Gloves and Workwear from yarn to finished products according to the specifications of customer. Everything on Workwear has gone by our hands. It makes no difference to us if we are producing trousers, bib trousers or jackets. Craftsmen styles, Antiflame/Antistatic or Warning clothing are as common as 65/35 polycotton or 100% cotton standard Workwear. The specialization has aligned up the resources to a level where materials from any corner of the globe reach to factory. The customer satisfaction has translated partnerships as old as the company’s age.


It was 1990 when father of the company recognized that Pakistan had a lot to offer in safety products. Soon after company’s establishment, the company got selected by CBI* for export coaching program. This initiated an export to Europe for safety products. The company has carved a matchless identity throughout Europe, a painstaking process of continuous improvement and sustainability being key rules behind the ongoing success of the company. This is a family company, with a strong educational background, striving and succeeding in creating the difference.

* CBI is an agency of Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the promotion of imports from developing countries. CBI conducts sponsored trainings, seminars and trade fair participations.


The company has two manufacturing units, one for the Gloves and one for the Workwear. The production story of workwear begins with the “fabrics” being a critical element in any workwear. The company believes in having total control over the quality of the fabric it uses, and as a result the company produces its own Oeko-Tex certified fabrics in partnership with country’s top spinning, weaving and processing mills.

The stitching unit completely satisfies all necessary machines required for producing workwear. Like most advanced factories, the production operates on a chain-system with trained function-specific operators, a process that is exceptionally efficient and accurate. Moreover the workers are employed on salary basis so to get the neat workmanship from their hands – a common understanding in the east.

The company had long recognized the fact that high quality machines yield high quality production. The company has invested ceaselessly in its infrastructure and today claims the latest state-of-art Japanese machines. Auto-trimmers on machines in combination with wiper functionality leave no un-cut thread in the end as well as in the start of stitch length. This has resulted in elimination of manual thread trimming creating cleaner workspaces, less waste and superior garments.


Our products are engineered for lifetime performance. We have a deep research on quality of stitches, threads, needles and stitching machines. The properly designed production flow and suitable machines make sure that every stitch length has been locked so there is no chance of tear. Special functions have dedicated quality check on machines where every piece coming out of the machine gets checked immediately. Finally finished garment is checked inside out to qualify our production. It's not just we speak about endurance and performance.

The every piece of production reflects a true copy of original. It says very impractical but company has practically delivered consistent quality over the years setting a new trend in the workwear market – quality beyond fashion. The management has to say “it makes sense for us to work in a detail because top finished is only reliable”.